RNAi Quantification via ProxiQuant™ Technology

Understanding the efficacy of RNA interference (RNAi) necessitates development of a comprehensive dose-response correlation within target cells and body fluids. International Therapeutics has developed an accurate non-radioactive method, ProxiQuant™, to measure RNAi in biological samples.

ProxiQuant™ is a novel enzymatic application enabling stoichiometric generation of surrogate DNA targets from primary RNAi molecules in biological samples. Whereas RT-PCR enzymology utilizes Reverse Transcriptases to generate DNA from RNA, ProxiQuant™ takes advantage of Ligases to create larger DNA molecules from smaller RNAi. These resulting “Proxy-Target” DNA molecules can be quantified using preferred instruments and methods such as Real-Time PCR or Branched-DNA technology. ProxiQuant™ has been utilized to quantify RNAi dose with a sensitivity of one zeptomole (10-21 Mole).

ITI is seeking to out-license the ProxiQuant™ technology for research, analysis of clinical samples, or commercialization as a kit.

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