International Therapeutics Awarded Phase II SBIR Grant for Development of Novel anti-HIV Compounds

Seattle, WA- October 8, 2001: International Therapeutics, Inc. (ITI) has been awarded a 2-year Phase II Small Business Research Innovation Grant (SBIR) from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), a division of the National Institute for Health (NIH). The $2 M grant is for the continued development of ITI’s proprietary Nuclear Importation Inhibition (NII) anti-viral platform. Nuclear importation is the process in which viral genetic material is translocated into the nucleus of a target cell where infection is established. ITI develops small molecules that specifically inhibit this process and abrogate virus infection.

“This is an important validation of nuclear transport as a target for anti-viral therapy,” said Omar K. Haffar, Ph.D., the Vice President of Research and Development, and the Principal Investigator on the Grant. “It’s both financially and scientifically significant for a small company like ITI to have the support of the NIH.”

The grant will fund the continued pre-clinical development of ITI-011, the Company’s lead anti-HIV compound as well as the development of additional anti-HIV NII compounds within ITI’s portfolio.

“The activity of ITI-011 has been extensively studied and validated using in vitro based HIV-1 infectivity assays. In addition, the pharmacokinetic and toxicity profiles of this lead are very promising,” said Dr. Haffar. “The Company anticipates ITI-011 to be the first NII compound to be advanced into clinical trials.”

International Therapeutics, Inc. is a Washington based for-profit drug discovery and development organization founded in 1999 to profile novel anti-viral therapeutic targets. More information about ITI can be found on the Company web site at